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Diversity amongst Python interpreters

We now have multiple Python interpreters and let's see what is in store.

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REPL for your data

Use ethical solutions. Archive your data. REPL.

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Feigenbaum constant

Computing Feigenbaum constant using SymPy

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A dictionary of horrors

This post demonstrates a strange behaviour encountered while initializing a dictionary using the dict.fromkeys method. TLDR: be careful while passing mutable arguments such as lists.

Lightweight classes for scientific computing using "cached_property"

In the quest for optimization and fast computation, while using object-oriented programming, it is a typical technique to initialize the linear algebra array operators as class attributes. Especially in fluidfft we encounter pseudospectral operator classes that look like:

import numpy as np
from fluiddyn.util import mpi

class Operator:
    def __init__

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Intensely edgy cat with FluidFFT

This is a reimplementaion of Patrick Bos's notebook which showcases xtensor-fftw. Here, we use fluidfft instead.


My research centers around geophysical flows, particularly with gravity waves and vortices, studied from a turbulence perspective. I am trained in computational, theoretical and experimental tools. You would find me using things which are simple, efficent, open-source, and reproducible. Feel free to contact me - I am usually reachable via email or the social accounts listed below.