A showcase of all the projects which I have co-developed, have contributed to, or maintain myself:

Research Software

FluidDyn project

An ecosystem of packages for research and teaching in fluid dynamics.

Some key features include:

  • FluidDyn: Classes to manage parameters, large sets of files, named numpy arrays, scripting job submissions in clusters, MPI wrappers to easily implement sequential and parallel programming.

  • FluidFFT: Unified Python and C++ API for various sequential and MPI & GPU accelerated FFT implementations.

  • FluidSim: Arguably one of fastest CFD framework specializing in pseudospectral solvers, with on-the-fly post processing. Example of a research done using FluidSim:

  • FluidImage: Calibrate, pre-process and perform PIV on large sets of images asynchronously and with open-source software.

  • FluidDevOps: Nifty CLI tools to help ease the development workflow.


A toy desktop GUI calculator for compressible aerodynamics built on top of scikit-aero. Demo:

Open-Source contributions

I have also contributed some serious projects such as:

  • Pythran: An ahead-of-time compiler for creating blazing fast Python extensions from Pure python or NumPy code. I contributed to:
    • improvements in Pythran extension build process (link)
    • linting Pythran configuration files (link)
  • JupyterLab: Next generation UI for Jupyter notebooks. I have:
    • added access to solarized theme for the text editor (link)
    • fixed font rendering in the terminal (link)
  • PyMC3: Probabilistic programming in Python. I have:
    • improved the overall structure of documentation (link)

Humble projects

Some repositories that I maintain for my personal use and possible reuse.

My research centers around geophysical flows, particularly with gravity waves and vortices, studied from a turbulence perspective. I am trained in computational, theoretical and experimental tools. You would find me using things which are simple, efficent, open-source, and reproducible. Feel free to contact me - I am usually reachable via email or the social accounts listed below.